Born and raised in Slovakia. 

As a couple of a fashion student and an entrepreneur, we had a clear vision about what we wanted to create. In 2018 Les Minimals was born. 

We are a fashion brand, based in Slovakia, small state in Central Europe. Our focus is to create minimal garments for both men and women, with as minimal impact on the environment as possible. 

The subtle silhouettes and decent color palette offer unlimited combinations that are ageless. 

Simply said, we aspire to build a fashion capsule that would fit every modern human and lasts a lifetime.

The design and production is located in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital. We limit the number of materials to a minimum in every collection and likewise, they are all sourced from Europe. Within our small family-company, every product is born out of love for honest craftsmanship and with regards to the planet, too. By working solely in the made-to-order business model, there is no unnecessary waste and overproduction. Join us on our journey on becoming more sustainable and fashion conscious.