Born and raised in Slovakia. 


As a couple of a fashion student and an entrepreneur, we had a clear vision about what we wanted to create. In 2018 Les Minimals was born. We are a fashion brand, based in Slovakia, small state in Central Europe. Our focus is to create minimal garments for both men and women, with as minimal impact on the environment as possible. The subtle silhouettes and decent color palette offer unlimited combinations that are ageless. Simply said, we aspire to build a fashion capsule that would fit every modern human and lasts a lifetime.


We care greatly about what materials we use and how we source them. Every garment is made mostly from a natural material,  which we carefully hand-pick and chose depending on its origin and production methods. By following the right care instructions, the pieces are made to last and therefore provide you a space to support our sustainable mission.


Linen is a natural material made from a flax plant. With its porous structure and quick-drying properties, it ensures comfort and feel of freshness even in the most humid and hot environment. In comparison with cotton, linen fibers are two times stronger and its production, on the other hand, requires less water and fares better in terms of water toxicity. Additionally, linen is naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to stretching and 100% biodegradable.

For all linen garments we use pure linen fabric from Czech republic. With time, as a natural material, with no additional blends or chemical additives, it may obtain a gently wrinkled structure. To ensure the highest durability possible, cold wash it only, do not use a tumble drier and for best results, we recommend to iron it, before it dries completely.


Wool is a natural, renewable fiber, obtained mostly from sheep and other alike animals. It is commonly classified as environmentally-friendly and sustainable. While being an excellent insulator it is mostly used for winter garments. Wool fabric is firm, wrinkle resistant and extremely durable.

Our woolen garments are blended of 81% wool and 19% polyamide fibers. Wool itself is highly odor absorbing, prone to staining and piling. To limit these undesirable effects and bring up the wool’s advantages, synthetic fiber is added. It is produced in Czech republic and is mulesing free.


The production of all our garments is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. We tightly cooperate with local craftsmen and seamstresses, to bring the highest quality into your everyday wardrobe essentials. To support the zero waste principles, the creative ideas are firstly drafted on pattern  paper and then made into unique one-piece only, samples. These, we use for campaign shots and as further sewing references. Every other piece is then made individually, according to the order. This way we do not overproduce any excess stock. However, it may take up to 15 working days until you can lay your hands on the final product.

We try to be as sustainable as possible, apart from the clothing itself. The labels and tags are both handmade by local companies, whereas, other packaging material is sourced from Europe and its parts are either recycled or recyclable.



Our aim is to support local craftsmanship and its development. Natural materials play crucial role in our environmental consciousness. Wool and linen from our Czech supplier, are both, recyclable and biodegradable. During its production, all of the workers are fairly acknowledged and awarded.


Our stock consist of exactly one piece of each garment. We use these pieces for campaign shoots and sewing references. Every other garment is tailor made for a specific order only. The leftover material we either upcycle, giveaway to local artisans, or recycle.


By creating timeless and high quality basics, that complement one another, we aspire to create space for everyone to build their own long-lasting and fashion-forward wardrobe.